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Our Privacy Policy

The Scholarship informational content uploaded is solely for informational purpose and goyacedx.com is not in any way affiliated with any of the scholarship agencies shared on our site.

All the content published on goyacedx.com is copyrighted content of Global Opportunities.

We do not authorize any website to use our contents without crediting goyacedx.com.

In the case of copying content/infringement, we reserve all the rights to pursue legal action.

We might collect information from our users like their first and last names with email addresses, IP address and other information by placing cookies which are in accordance with Google’s cookie policies (Google user data policies while using partner apps).

Data Collection by Global Opportunities and its Use

Details such as the first and last name of our website visitors majorly students hunting for educational scholarships and business opportunities may be collected in two ways.

Either using Opt-in banner feature or using sidebar widget. This information is purely provided by Global Opportunities visitors voluntarily for sending them regular emails regarding most of the new scholarship or fellowship notices.

If there is any minor or major change associated with privacy concerns at Global Opportunities platform then we request users to visit this page for seeing updates.

In case of user wish you discontinue Newsletter services of Global Opportunities then the user has an option in email to click on “Un-Subscribe” button in order to stop receiving updates from us.

Social Media

Our website goyacedx.com has strong social media users.

Scholarships and business opportunities shared through our website using social media sources contain scholarship updates.

We target our social media campaigns to ensure the proper use of information and provide authentic sources of information with application processes short methods to help out new students from all over the international audience.

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