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CSC Scholarship 2021 – Chinese Government Scholarship for international Students Call for Applications

Deadline: April 30, 2020

The China Scholarship Council (CSC Scholarship) is now offering Chinese Government Scholarships (CSC Scholarship) for bachelors, masters and doctoral courses taught in both, English and Chinese languages. The scholarships are being dispensed yearly to more than 274 Chinese institutions that offer higher education.

Although a vast number of organizations, such as the Confucious Institute Scholarship, Schwarzman Scholars Program, Jiangsu University Presidential Scholarship, Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships and CAS-TWAS Scholarships offer funds to students, the CSC Scholarship is granted most extensively. Applications for the CSC provision are to be submitted on the online portal of the China Scholarship Council. To begin the application process, students can follow either of the two alternatives:

  1. Make a direct appeal for the grant to the CSC Scholarship-Chinese University recruitment program.
  2. Apply for the provision through the Chinese Consulate while staying in their home country.

Coverage and Benefits of Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship)

The endowment of the Chinese CSC scholarship comes with a fully-funded package that includes coverage of tuition fees, residential allowance and expenses and health insurance costs. Depending on the type of degree, funding by the CSC Scholarship differs according to the criteria given below:

Benefits provided by the CSC Scholarship are as follows;

  • A monthly stipend of CNY 2500 RMB is provided at the Undergraduate level, whereas, tuition and accommodation are both complimentary.
  • A monthly stipend of CNY 3000 RMB is provided at the Masters’s level, whereas, education is free of cost and a complimentary room is provided.
  • A monthly stipend of CNY 3500 RMB is provided at the Doctoral level and both tuition and accommodation are free of cost.

Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) Introduction

The Chinese Government Scholarships by China Scholarship Council CSC is a project promoted by the Chinese Government to popularize educational transfers and upscale culture, education, trade and politics. Increased cooperation and mutual understanding between China and other nations are also intended through such initiatives. The government advocates for fund provision to students throughout the world by offering scholarships via a number of organizations to Chinese institutions imparting higher education.

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Chinese CSC Scholarship Application Guideline

When applying for the CSC Scholarship, it is important to keep in mind that an invitation or acceptance letter has been issued to the student by a professor teaching at the particular Chinese University since this may improve the chances of selection. However, it is not compulsory to include the letter in the application form. The guideline below can be followed for application to a Chinese University via the Chinese University-Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship) channel:

  1. The first step is to classify a Chinese University that is recognized by the CSC Scholarship Council
  2. Identify the higher learning institute’s website for the CSC scholarship
  3. Create an account on the Chine Scholarship council webpage
  4. Fill out the application form
  5. Select category B for the grant
  6. Select the name of the particular university and add its agency number
  7. Submit the CSC form and download a PDF version of the document
  8. Along with a PDF copy of the application form, compile all other necessary records
  9. Identify whether the university requires a separate application
  10. If required by the university, then fill out and download the form provided by them
  11. Determine any necessary application fees
  12. Pay compulsory fees for application
  13. Compile admission applications, records and a pdf version of the CSC scholarship form
  14. Make a couple of copies of each set of documents and post them to the university
  15. Wait for CSC scholarship results

Provision of an acceptance letter from a professor from the Chinese University will count as a bonus since it increases the chances of winning the CSC Scholarship. A compilation of the email addresses of Chinese professors, who can be requested for acceptance letters is provided in another article.

How to fill the China Scholarship Council application form for CSC Scholarship?

Below given are the steps for filling the online application form for the CSC Scholarship.

  1. Create a profile and sign up for an account on the CSC scholarship website
  2. Fill the online application form
  3. If you intend to apply to distinctive universities then create separate CSC portal accounts for each
  4. Pinpoint the agency number of the university you want to apply to
  5. Add the agency number to the online application form
  6. Select the kind of CSC scholarship award that you want and choose category B
  7. Submit your details and the relevant degree course
  8. Submit your CSC scholarship online application
  9. Download CSC scholarships online application form

How to submit documents to Chinese universities to apply for the CSC Scholarship?

  1. Document requirements are usually mentioned on the university’s website. Generally, universities ask for two recommendation letters, academic transcripts and degrees, CSC Scholarship application form, passport information, study plan from master degree applicants, statement of purpose from undergrad degree applicants, research proposal from doctoral degree applicants, acceptance letter (optional), foreigner physical examination form and IELTS or English Proficiency Certificate.
  2. Determine whether an online application along with the CSC Scholarship application is required by the Chinese University.
  3. In case, if an online application is not needed then submit CSC scholarship online application form and post your documents to the University.
  4. If an online application is required by the university as well, then submit an admission application on their website and attach your CSC Scholarship form along with other required documents.
  5. Having filled further details on the university’s online admission form, mention “CSC Scholarship” in the sponsorship and guarantor section and review your application before submission.
  6. Submit your CSC Scholarship admission application online and post two sets of all documents to the International Student Office of the University.

Chinese CSC Scholarship document requirement by the China Scholarship Council

  • Be sure that verified copies of all documents are submitted to the CSC Scholarship portal and the Chinese University Website (If required by Chinese University – Check CSC Scholarship notice of that University for instructions).
  • Obtain recommendation letters from at least two of your teachers, to apply for the Chinese CSC Scholarship.
  • Although an acceptance letter from a professor at the Chinese university is not compulsory, the provision of it will increase the chances of winning the scholarship.
  • Depending on the degree and university requirements, it is advisable to provide a motivational letter, a future plan of study, statement of purpose and a research proposal
  • It is recommended that an English Proficiency Certificate and, if available, any IELTS certificates or HSK award letters be presented.
  • Applying for a Chinese Student VISA (X1/X2) via the Chinese Embassy to initiate your studies in China.

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