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100 Winners Announced – 2019 Meaningful Business

The winners of the Meaningful Business 100 have been announced.

The Meaningful Business 100 identifies and celebrates the leaders globally who are combining profit and purpose to help achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The Meaningful Business 100 is a cadre of social entrepreneurs and business leaders who are introducing new ways of thinking and acting to address the world’s biggest challenges: climate change, pollution, hunger, poverty, education, and health. These leaders are creating social value in four areas: equitable society, health, planet and prosperity. The Meaningful Business 100 hail from 40 countries and 18 represent large corporations, alongside 82 from SMEs and start-ups.

Date: November 14, 2019

Hot Topics made a call for applications for The Meaningful Business 100 to uncover leaders globally who are combining profit and purpose to help achieve the global goals. Peer-nominated and curated by an expert judging panel, the MB100 celebrates the leader of small for-profit social impact alongside outstanding individuals in large companies to share practice within different courses, roles and geographies.

Below is the list of 2019  The Meaningful Business 100 leaders and their companies/ companies they work for!

  1. Aayushi KC:- Khaalisisi
  2. Alan Jope:- Unilever
  3. Alex Stephany:-  Beam
  4. Alexander Fahie:- Ethical Angel
  5. Ali Parsa:-  Babylon Health
  6. Amos Obi Mini:- Global Hetavad Skills
  7. Amy Powney:- Mother of Pearl
  8. Andrew Cooper:- 4Ocean
  9. Anitha Beberg:- Seva Exchange
  10. Annemarie Meisling:- Chr. Hansen
  11. Aqdar Maskur:- Ritma Green
  12. Ayobami Abiodun:- YGEM
  13. Brad Jones:- Wave Money
  14. Catherine Conway:- Unpackaged
  15. Christian Kroll:- Ecosia
  16. Christopher Miller:- Ben & Jerry’s
  17. Claudia Esparza:- Nanas & Amas
  18. David Katz:- Plastic Bank
  19. Derrick Hosea Opio:- OneLamp
  20. Dessy Aliandrina:- Sociopreneur Indonesia
  21. Diane Janknegt:- Wizenoze
  22. Dickson Ayuka:- UjuziKilimo
  23. Dina Sherif:- Ahead of the Curve
  24. Elijah Amoo Addo:- Food for all Africa
  25. Elmarie Potgieter:- RITE Group
  26. Emmanuel Faber:-Danone
  27. Emmanuel Maduka:- LifePro Food Mills
  28. Esther An:- City Developments Limited
  29. Evin Schwartz:- Belouga
  30. Federico Miatton:- Fantine
  31. Frida Polli:- Pymetrics
  32. Gabriel Chaman:- Ally Mishky
  33. George Akilimali:- Smartcore Enterprise
  34. Godspromise Anthony:- iSkill Network
  35. Hamdi Ulukaya:- Chobani
  36. Hana Rado:- Supersonas
  37. Hayden Wood:- Bulb
  38. Hitoshi Kawaguchi:- Nissan
  39. Irvandias Sanjaya:- Artemis Impact
  40. Jesper Brodin:- Ingka Group
  41. João Paulo Ferreira:- Natura
  42. Joseph Thompson:- AID:Tech
  43. Juliet Davenport:- Good Energy
  44. K Chandrasekhar:- Forus Health
  45. Kai Eberhardt:- Oviva
  46. Kate Brandt:- Google
  47. Kaushal Shah:- EnvoPAP
  48. Komal Ahmad:- Copia
  49. Lisa MacCallum:- Inspired Companies
  50. Livia Firth:- Eco-Age
  51. Liz Powers:- ArtLifting
  52. Loes Bijleveld:- Lono
  53. Lubomila Jordanova:- PlanA
  54. Luca Bettonte:- ERG S.p.A
  55. Manik Dhingra:- Shoonya Enviro Solutions
  56. Manuel Laredo Garnica:- Mamut
  57. Marc Benioff:- Salesforce
  58. Mariana Matus:- Biobot Analytics
  59. Marie-Claire Daveu:- Kering
  60. Markku Teräsvasara:- Outotec
  61. Matias Muchnick:- NotCo
  62. Mavis Nduchwa:- Chabana Farms
  63. Michelle Morgan:- Pjoys
  64. Mick Jackson:- WildHearts Group
  65. Mike Brady:- Greyston
  66. Nabeel Siddiqui:- ModulusTech
  67. Naomi Kokuro:- EMB Ahenfie
  68. Naziba Naila Wafa:- Resurgence
  69. Neal Cross:- Hotel Orangutan
  70. Nicole Vollebregt:- Adidas
  71. Niklas Van Neyghem:- Alaya
  72. Noel Kinder:- Nike
  73. Peter Davies:- Verv
  74. Peter Scher:- JP Morgan Chase
  75. Poonam Bir Kasturi:- Daily Dump
  76. Prasad Kompalli:- mfine
  77. Praveer Sinha:- Tata Power
  78. Raj Somasundaram:- AquaConnect
  79. Reto Ringger:- Globalance Bank
  80. Robson Melo:- Estante Magica
  81. Roland Busch:- Siemens
  82. Rose Marcario:- Patagonia
  83. Rosie Warin:- Kin & Co.
  84. Samantha Payne:- Open Bionics
  85. Samson Ogbole:- PS Nutraceuticals
  86. Sandra Kwak:- 10Power
  87. Sarah Bateup:- Ieso Digital Health
  88. Sarah Kaeck:- Bee’s Wrap
  89. Shimrit Perkol-Finkel:- ECOncrete
  90. Shiraz Jessa:- Bibimoney
  91. Simba Mubvuma:- LawBasket
  92. Stephen Boobyer:- World of Books
  93. Suleiman Kuchengo:- Suku Chai
  94. Tariq Al Olaimy:- 3BL Associates
  95. Tessa Clarke:- Olio
  96. Theresa Millard:- Kohler
  97. Toni Petersson:- Oatly
  98. Uche Udekwe:- Natal Cares
  99. Vivekananda Hallekere:- Bounce
  100. Wangiwe Joanna Kambuzi:- Mzuzu E-hub

For more information about their profiles and work activities, visit The Meaningful Business 100.

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Congratulations to the winners!

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